Chicago STOP Smoking Research Project


The Chicago STOP Smoking Research Project (C-STOP) is a clinical trial conducted by Andrea King, Ph.D., Professor and Licenced Clinical Psychlogist at the University of Chicago.

Who are Participants?

Participants in C-STOP are smokers who drink alcohol on a regular basis and who want to smoking.

What is the Study Goal?

The goal of C-STOP is to examine whether adding an FDA-approved stop smoking medication to usual stop smoking treatment (nicotine patches and behavioral counseling) improves smoking quit rates.

What Will I Do in the Study?

Participation involves an in-person medical screening (~2 hours) to make certain participation is safe for you, four study visits (~1-2 hours/each) scheduled over a 3-month period, and a 6-month follow-up interview (~15-20 minutes).

All study participants will receive:

Nicotine Patches

1:1 Behavioral Coaching

50/50 chance of study medication or placebo


How Do I Apply?

To apply, fill out a general online application at the link, below.
(Note: Indicate that you are interested in "C-STOP" when asked)


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